Order Bulk BBQ Chicken



Poultry Days chicken is a unique experience that only occurs once a year.  The chicken is made with a secret blend of spices which isn’t a dry rub or a heavy tomato base.  Each dinner contains half of a chicken that has been slow cooked over charcoal for two hours while being basted in that secret blend every few minutes.  The cooking process leaves the chicken moist and nearly falling off the bone.

Each dinner costs $10.00 and is sized for a single meal with half a chicken, Mike-Sells potato chips, Roll, Butter, Applesauce and the traditional Chilly Willy Orange Drink.  Dinners can be enjoyed in a 500-person dining tent or picnic tables located throughout the grounds.  A four-lane drive through allows visitors to purchase dinners for a backyard picnic without leaving your car.  The festival also offers bulk chicken only on a presale basis.


Come early as chicken often sells out earlier then posted times.  The festival sells over 28,000 dinners each year and has served over one million dinners since 1952.  Our walk through and drive through lines are staffed by volunteers and organizations capable of delivering over 2,500 dinners per hour.  

Nutritional Information (Chicken Only).  Approximately 18 oz chicken (uncooked weight).  BBQ sauce does NOT contain any Mono Sodium Glutamate, Gluten, Wheat, Soy, Eggs, Dairy Products or Peanuts.  Diabetics should note that sauce does contain sugar or derivatives thereof.

We are sold out of bulk chicken coolers.
Dinners are STILL available June 10, 11, 12 in the walkthrough and drive through lines.
See you there!